Pricing Estimates

Daikin Sensira FTXF

9 000 BTU - R 14 000

12 000 BTU - R 15 300

18 000 BTU - R 21 500

24 000 BTU - R 24 200

Samsung AR4500

9 000 BTU - R 13 100

12 000 BTU - R 14 100

18 000 BTU - R 18 100

24 000 BTU - R 22 200

Alliance Aqua

Wi-fi Incl.

9 000 BTU - R 11 600

12 000 BTU - R 12 600

18 000 BTU - R 16 100

24 000 BTU - R 20 200

Model Price
9 000 BTU R14 600
12 000 BTU R15 400
18 000 BTU R19 100
24 000 BTU R22 600
Model Price
12 000 BTU R19 600
18 000 BTU R24 800
24 000 BTU R28 600

*Installation Included

T's and C's apply. Only while stocks last.

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Popular Solar and back-up solutions

5 KW PV System

For home/business using up to 20 kw/units per day

  • 1 x 5 KVA Hybrid Inverter
  • 1 x 5 KwH Lithium battery
  • 8 x 455W PV panels (expandible)
  • Installation
  • Certificate of compliance
  • SSEG Application with COCT

Estimate : R 123 000 incl VAT

8 KW PV System

For home/business using 20 - 30 kw/units per day

  • 1 x 8 KVA Hybrid Inverter
  • 2 x 5 KwH Lithium battery
  • 12 x 545W PV panels
  • Installation
  • Certificate of compliance
  • SSEG Application with COCT

Estimate : R 192 000 - R 228 000 incl VAT

5 KW Back-up System

  • 1 x 5 KVA Hybrid Inverter
  • 1 x 5 KwH Lithium battery (expandible)
  • Installation
  • Certificate of compliance

Estimate : POA

Cape Climate air conditioning is situated in Cape Town. We have been awarded #1 best residential air conditioning supply/installation company in Cape Town. We have specialized in Air Conditioning since 1971. Continuing our family tradition of delivering excellent service, quality, maintenance and expert advice in air conditioning. Our technicians are some of the best in Cape Town. We at Cape Climate Air Conditioning want all our clients breathing clean, fresh, healthy air. Disinfected and clean filters promote a healthy home environment, better air quality and stronger immune system as a result. - Mark Polson

Did you know that an Air Conditioner is very efficient at Heating?


Air Conditioner vs Conventional Heater

A conventional Heater has a one to one power output. That means that for every 1Kw of heat required, you will use 1Kw of electrical power. An Air Conditioner uses 1Kw electrical power for every 3Kw of heat. That means that an Air Conditioner is 300% more efficient than a conventional heater.

Why is filter servicing & disinfection so important?


An aircon filter is the first line of defence in capturing and killing airborne particles and germs including microscopic dust, pollen, mould spores and pet dander. By removing the above from the air we breath daily, we give our immune system a better chance to fight off infectious viruses.

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Our services include

Service & maintenance

Whether you require annual servicing or break down repairs, Cape Climate is just a call away. Our qualified technicians will endeavour to have your air conditioning system up and running ASAP!

Supply & install

From residential to light commercial applications, Cape Climate supplies and installs all major air conditioning brands boasting superior warranties.

Earth friendly INVERTER technology

inverter technology

An inverter compressor is operated at a percentage of full power as needed to maintain a set temperature. It differs from fixed-speed compresors where the compressor cycles ON/OFF. By only using the needed power inverter compressors saves energy and keeps the set temperature change minimal.

Split wall

Consists of a separate indoor and outdoor unit. Indoor unit is mounted on the wall. Our range.


Indoor unit fits flush with the ceiling. Our range.


Fits in the ceiling, flexible ducting conveys air to multiple rooms. Our range.


Wall mounted or ceiling suspended. Suited for commercial applications. Our range.


An upright standing unit. Well suited for areas with little to no wall space. Our range.

Use our BTU calculator to get an idea of size

BTU is the size of the unit needed to cool/heat a room. This calculator is meant as a guideline only.



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